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Operative Strategy

The value of an asset is contingent upon its management

Operational audit and diagnosis

The correct management of an establishment is the basis for obtaining the expected return on the investment. The analysis of the current management will allow to determine which are the weak points and take action in each one of the departments.

Benefits of performing an audit and operational diagnosis:

  • Know the current situation of the product regarding the management and its positioning in the market..
  • Define an action plan with the actions to be performed to increase the profitability on the investment made.
  • Execute the planned program of actions.
Interim management

This service is aimed at those investors / owners who need an initial management of their hotel projects, or those investors / owners who, during a change of manager, need support or control of the operations of the establishment.

Benefits of performing an interim management:

  • Thoroughly control the operations and management of the asset, maintaining the profitability objectives established by the property.
  • Define budgets and management systems based on international standards.
  • Maximize efficiency in operations, increasing the performance of resources and minimizing the cost of these.
  • Design and create monthly management reports with a clear and transparent vision of the current situation of the asset in management.
  • Negotiate with clients and suppliers' conditions that benefit both.
Process reengineering

Establish sequences in new interactions in processes to achieve significant improvements in costs, with the aim of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and efficacy.

Benefits of performing a process reengineering:

  • Better control of the processes within the asset so that they are more efficient.
  • Improve the quality of the service given to the client, as well as his satisfaction.
  • Identify the "owner" or responsible for each process or sub-process.
  • Reduce operating times.
  • Eliminate activities without added value.
  • Improve the cost structure of the asset.
Management and departmental coaching

The profitability of the investment may not be as expected because the management of one of its departments is not the most optimal. For this, the optimization and departmental professionalization is a must to enhance the skills of the existing team and thus evaluate their management.

Benefits of conducting a management and departmental coaching:

  • Follow and control the management of the investment to be made.
  • Define a work methodology.
  • Create operational standards / manuals to unify its management.
Customer delivery management

Implement a management system based on quality that allows to define, plan, execute and control the activities necessary to operate a hotel establishment. This management system contemplates the development of quality standards, control records of the activities and indicators that permits assessing the achievement of the objectives.

Benefits of managing delivery to the customer:

  • Establish the bases to opt for a seal of quality.
  • Increase the competitiveness of the establishment.
  • Establish a management system based on quality.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the organization.
  • Establish the bases for the exploitation of the establishment.
  • Improve interdepartmental communication.
  • Follow and control the management of the investment to be made.
  • " Define a work methodology.
  • Create operational standards / manuals to unify its management.
  • Achieve effectiveness and efficiency to meet the commitment acquired with the client and in the management of costs.

Investment Strategy

The guarantee of an investment made is the final return

Search for investors

Adequate financial leverage and the search for adequate financing are key success factors for obtaining the expected return on investment.

Benefits of conducting an investor search:

  • Obtain adequate financing for the project and the particular needs of each client, ensuring its viability and development.
  • Diversify and minimize the risk of financing.

The search of strategic and financial partners for the project will help to develop the best formula that allows to reach the adequate profitability for all the partners.

Benefits of conducting a fundraiser:

  • IIncrease financial strength, which allows the composition of the liability through equity and not financial doubt.
  • Obtain a greater operative solidity, through the contribution of Know-how, expert management, client portfolio, etc.
  • Give solidity to the business plan, thus allowing the entry of strategic partners and the achievement of the planned objectives.
Assessment and Due Diligence

This service is applicable to hotels in operation as well as hotels for hotel use or potential hotel projects.

Benefits of conducting a market assessment and Due-Dilligence:

  • Establish the real market value of the hotel asset.
  • Know in depth and detail the investment conditions on the asset.
  • Minimize the risk in the investment decision on an asset / hotel product.
  • Recommend actions to be carried out on the investment, both from a market and financial point of view.
Purchase and sale of hotel assets

In buying or selling a hotel asset two basic factors must be taken into account, the asset / property and its management. A good combination of both factors converts an establishment into a single asset or product, so its value consequently is also unique.

To take into account when going to make a purchase-sale of hotel assets:

  • Know in depth the asset to sell / buy, as well as the environment in which it is located.
  • Analyse the state of conservation and maintenance of the asset, and evaluate the additional investments necessary to carry out.
  • AAnalyse the asset management, the current personnel cost and the cost of changing the management of the asset (in case it is not appropriate).
  • Know the price of the asset in the market.
  • Find the right investor for the type of divestment / investment to be made.
Feasibility studies and market

The viability of a hotel project is the basis for the development strategy of hotel groups and private investors to estimate opportunities and threats in the sector and establish minimum guarantees of success in the development of the project.

Benefits of conducting a hotel feasibility study:

  • Know in a deep and detailed way the investment conditions implicit in the project.
  • Propose on the typology and positioning of the product based on the conditions and demands of the market..
  • Minimize risk in the investment decision by establishing the basis for basic profitability analyses.
  • Establish the guarantees of success of the project.
  • Establish the bases for the exploitation of the establishment.
  • Document in a basic way for the search of financing and potential investors and managers, depending on the intentions of the client.

The deep knowledge of the markets is fundamental to evaluate the possibilities of development with guarantees of success of a hotel project.

Benefits of conducting a market study:

  • CKnow in a deep and detailed way the conditions of investment in the hotel market.
  • Conclude and recommend on the market conditions for a hotel development.
  • Keep record.
  • Document in a basic way for the search of potential investors and managers.

Business strategy

The evaluation and decision making of portfolio assets should be the priority

Advice to the council

This service is intended for those companies that have included in their portfolio of assets some hotel product, in development or management, and that requires professional advice that encompasses a double vision of the business, management and investment.

Benefits of advising the council:

  • Optimize the management of the asset / s obtaining a greater benefit and a higher market value.
  • Implement a customized management model, based on your patrimonial, management or family needs.
  • Optimize the profitability to obtain from the assets.
  • THaving orderly growth, both in the asset portfolio and in the management philosophy.
  • Create an attractive portfolio of hotel assets that increases the value of each of the assets.
  • Maximize value and profitability in a potential portfolio sale.
Asset management

This service is applicable when the property has a lease contract or management with a hotel manager, being the expert in the hotel industry, both from the perspective of investment and management, to accompany the supervision and growth of the asset.

Benefits of making an asset manager:

  • Control and optimize the management of hotel assets.
  • Maximize profitability on the investment made.
  • Increase the value of the asset.
  • Guarantee compliance with the requirements and clauses established in the lease / management contract.
  • Create an attractive hotel asset portfolio that increases the value of each of the assets.
  • Assess the best time to sell the asset.
Implementation and expansion strategies

This service is aimed at newly created hotel groups, groups that do not have an expansion department, consolidated groups in the process of expansion in other countries or markets or investors that want to increase their portfolio of hotel assets.

Benefits of putting into practice implementation and expansion strategies:

  • Define an overview of the current situation of the sector: threats and opportunities.
  • Develop the product, both from the operational point of view and profitability.
  • Define the expansion strategy: urban needs, investment needs, type of product, target locations, type of management.
Product repositioning

Accompany the establishments and / or groups that must face changes to adapt to the new trends of hotel demand.

Benefits of product repositioning:

  • Define feasibility for an obsolete hotel establishment..
  • Increase the market value of the asset.
  • Improve the profitability of the establishment.
  • GGenerate new exploitation formulas for the asset: Condo Hotels, Senior Resorts, Low Cost, Extended Stay ...
Search for operators / investors

Product search for consolidated and / or newly created hotel groups, with knowledge about the type of target product, location, objective management fees, quality and operational standards, marketing capacity and positioning in the sector.

Benefits of conducting a search for operators / investors:

  • Professionalize project management.
  • Develop an adequate management adapted to the characteristics of the project and the market in which it is positioned.
  • Optimize the management and maximize the profitability of the project.
  • Make the investment profitable for the investor, with the best manager for their assets.



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